Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tick Tock...Time Is Running Out!

I wanted to give you the heads up on a quilt show coming up! Marie, a Woolie follower sent an email about the Mid-Valley Quilt Guild's (Salem, Oregon) up coming show this weekend. http://www.midvalleyquiltguild.com/ Check it out! I am unable to attend because we are meeting the parents of the bride! and getting a peek at the wedding venue.

I decided to write a short tale about a sweet innocent quilter who has gotten herself into a pickle!

A long long, long, time ago, in an old historic building a decision was made to have a quilt challenge. Unbeknownst to the sweet innocent quilter, a plot was being hatched to create a challenge using Batiks! This poor sweet quilter was allergic to batik fabrics and wasn't going to participate in the challenge. But, alas the devious Queen bought her a piece of the challenge fabric for her birthday. It was the only batik she possessed because to touch a batik...gave her the creeps!

Time pasted, the sun and the moon doing their dance around her world when, the sweet quilter realized she had lost her challenge fabric! Mon dieu! "Oh well," she said, "I guess I can't take part in the challenge...the news spread like wild fire and she found several pieces had been left for her by her evil....as in EEEEVIL Material Girls!

Now, we are a week to the day from the unveiling of the Challenge Quilts and the poor sweet quilter has yet to start her piece...oh well I work best under pressure.

Enjoy the slide show but know that...they look like nice people who create beautiful quilts...but they are dangerous!

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