Friday, April 8, 2011

Sandy, Has A Slice of Heaven...In Madras, Oregon

When I first embarked on this Woolie journey I not only wanted to share what was happening in my own quilting life, I wanted to reconnect to the quilting world outside the four walls of my own quilt room. I realized how blessed I was to live in this quilt saturated part of the United States. Quilters are by their very nature givers. Givers of time and heart. And, they were creating and sharing every moment of every day. I wanted to see as much of the goodness in the world as I could. To see that a beautiful quilt filled with love could be created at the kitchen table or in a beautiful quilt studio. No matter where a quilter creates, the quilts are always filled with thought and caring...whether they intended it as a gift or, just made it because they wanted too.

I took a trip to a farm outside of Madras, Oregon to visit a quilter who I so admire. Sandy is an amazing quilter not only in beauty but in the amount she accomplishes. Being a farmer's wife she works hard and moments are not wasted. If she has 15 minutes, she'll applique a piece down. It is not the amount of time one has to quilt, nor the space one has to quilt is the consistency of moments and the love of quilting. She has been quilting since she was 16 years old when she made her first quilt for a 4H project. She calls herself the Moda poster child, as it is her favorite fabric line. Besides quilting, she loves embroidering and collecting antiques. Sandy is a member of the Prineville Morning Guild and the Woolies at QuiltWorks.

Her home is...well, it is HOME. When you walk in you feel the love and caring. Her attention to what she loves in her life are displayed in wonderful groupings of quilts and decor. The view is spectacular and when one thinks of God's Country...I think they must be talking about Sandy's place.
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