Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Honey Do Day or rather Quilter Do Day!

I decided to make today a Quilter Do Day! I have lots and lots and lots of projects in various stages. Like there isn't a quilter alive who does not live the same life! And my schedule today is packed...so here is how it started and what I have planned for today...

0300 woke up

0315 fell back asleep

0430 woke up to a chirp on my phone...a Fabric Stalker sent me a text that she is still waiting for a flight out of Denver and has been in airports for 18 hours, starting in NYC. She is trying to make it back in time for ShopHop on Thursday. I told her to make a cardboard sign and start trying to get donations for her shophop! I cut out a binding.

0500 I hear HH in the shower, make coffee, check email

0530 have coffee, eat yogurt/banana...love that fruit is now zero points on WW

0600 empty dishwasher, fill dishwasher...boring huh...

0700 sew binding together and sew it to the quilt.

0730 pick up sewing room, make some choices for today...

0800 caught a tyrannosaurus of a spider for HH to get rid of when he gets home...now, I am awake!

After a shower the rest of the day will be spent checking out a sewing room in Sisters, Oregon and then at noon the Woolies meet and I am going to take my table runner that has the stapled pieces to share...and now you know why my head hits the pillow by 8:30 PM. It is going to get harder and harder as it staying light longer. Hope you are having a "Quilter Do Day!"