Saturday, April 23, 2011

Disneyland for Quilters

Yesterday HH and I headed over the mountain with anticipation. We will be meeting the parents of the bride at the potential venue! Sundays blog is going to be all about the venue and the future couple. So, if you only want to hear about quilting...skip Sunday's blog! In the meantime have I got a treat for you! I have been evaluating my projects, all 1000 of them! I know I am being a little dramatic...then again, am I? Do I really need another thing? I have meditated, enjoyed happy hour and cried over the state of the list of things I want to make and if I should add another thing to that list. The bottom line is, I love quilting. I get excited over the people who quilt, the people who sell quilting supplies and every new fabric/pattern/notion that comes down the line.

Years ago when I lived south of Oregon there was a house in San Jose, California called the Winchester House. It was a bizarre house built by one of the heirs of the Winchester rifle family. She believed, if she stopped adding on to the house all the victims of the Winchester rifles would come to haunt her. Thus, the house had stairways to no where, doors that opened to solid walls and oddly added rooms. I totally get her! If I stop purchasing fabric or creating UFO's all the quilters who have passed before me will come to my sewing room to torment me! I swear it is true!

Also, I need to stop worrying! So what if I don't get it all done in my life time! One of my recent favorite projects was a UFO of a wonderful departed quilter friend and I know she loved iit and therefore I love it! But, I do need to be more decisive. So instead of visiting 3 quilt stores on my way to Portland I only stopped at one...the Disneyland for Quilters and specifically Woolies! Although the shop has all kinds of wonderful fabric, the slide show mostly is about Wool. Pioneer Quilts will soon have a web store but in the mean time if you see something on this blog you are interested in, they do take phone orders!

Enjoy the slides and join me in adding more to your list...I am sure it is way to short!

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