Friday, April 15, 2011

Customer Appreciation At The Stitchin Post!

I know, I am at retreat out in Sunriver...but, I had to come back into town to weigh in at Weight Watchers and that meant I was only 20 miles from the Stitchin Post that was having their customer appreciation event. And you know, life is tough these days and you just have to pick up your kudos where you can! I swung by the house picked up Enzo for a trip out to Sisters. He started gripping that if he had to go to Sisters we had to stop and buy him some goodies, which led to a side trip to PetSmart.

The Stitchin Post was decked out and they were having different items on sale each hour...but first, I dropped my notice card in the drawing box for a new sewing machine!!!! Then Jackie sold me on the new Snap set for attaching snaps to purses or anything else you want snaps on! It isn't one of those ugly snap setters but a pretty purple one. And you get to use a hammer. Sounds like a win/win, cute and lethal!

June Jaegar of Log Cabin Quiltworks helping out and showed me her new patterns...oh man are they cute. I had to get one because it looked like something I could get done before I turn 80!

As I wander around I spotted Judy from Checker Distributors I used to order from them when I had my long arm. She had a whole display of books and patterns. As she explained to me, every quilt store cannot order every pattern, book or notion out there but, and this is the exciting can go onto Checker's site (they are a wholesale supplier only) look for whatever you want, then call you local quilt shop and see if they will order it for you! Sweet! So, I ordered 3 patterns and 2 wire adaptors for my little quilt hanger to change for the seasons which will be delivered to the Stitchin Post next week.

I had a wonderful little side trip diversion, saw lots of quilt girlfriends, walked out a satisfied customer (totally appreciated) talked with Jean, Val and June about a future trip out to check out their sewing digs...and am now ready to head back to Sunriver and get bring my little fat quarter surprises to my fabric stalkers!

Check out the slide show and if you see something you like you can hit the link for Stitchin Post on the left side of the blog and order it up!

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