Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Anxiety Mode

When ever I am in anxiety mode I will find a way to do anything but address what I am anxious about (Material Girls Challenge). I find that if I distract myself sometimes the answer comes. In my college dorm they had 2 study carrels for each floor. A room as small as a closet with a built in desk 4 walls, no windows, nothing on the walls...didn't work for me. I need activity, distraction and then I would be on a 24 hour study marathon. I think that is what is happening in regards to the challenge. I have a piece of batik (yuck) which I need to incorporate into a quilt of any size, wall hanging to king. Completion date is Monday. It is Wednesday, I work today and Thursday and we are leaving Friday to meet the parents of the bride. SEEEWWWW, Tuesday was the day! Instead of hunkering down I took Enzo for a walk on the Upland Trail to the top of Awbrey Butte...can you tell?!

Then I decided to implement an organization tip I read about on the Internet. When we last moved a few years ago I culled my magazines but I still had a nice pile I kept dating back to 2003. These had projects in them that I would "some day" make. But, could I even remember the projects or which issue they were in??? And the magazines were taking up valuable space in my limited area. The tip was from Brenda who is Pumpkin Patch Primitives. I read a blog where she ripped out or saved patterns in a file. Tuesday morning while I was supposed to be working on my challenge I flipped through all the magazines, tore out the projects I wished I could make....put them together with the pattern insert needed (very important), placed them into a clear plastic sleeve and filed them under the appropriate category. I didn't want to keep the whole magazine with post-it notes as they took up space and for me if I filed them in a binder I would never see them again either.

This is the pile of magazines I started with.

This is the pile of patterns in sleeves I ended up with! More shelf space! My categories were Wool, Embroidery, Quilts, Table runners/wall hanging and Misc.

Nice clear file and lots of room for future patterns ripped from magazines or downloaded from the Internet.

I decided to keep this file on the top of my cutting table because for me "out of sight, out of mind" and then I will be encouraged to flip through it the next time I need a new project! Finally I started working on my Challenge Piece but I have a long way to go!