Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1998, A Fine Year For UFO's

When I was reorganizing a drawer in my quilt room I discovered a piece of muslin that I had embroidered 4 little scenes tucked in a pattern. The pattern date was 1998???!!! I realized that I had probably discovered my oldest UFO! But I am not putting any money on that because just as soon as I say it...I'll find an even older one! I got excited with the "find" because recently I rediscovered my love of embroidery. I set out to chose fabric and piece the top to my pillow. I was able to finish this process in Feb. and then embroidered the vine around the outside sashing. The project stalled again....NOOOOO...not again! I had to figure out a way to finish this project before another 13 years passed.

In comes a dear friend. Everyone should have a friend like this! If she is stuck on one side of a canyon, she'll figure out how to build a bridge to the other side. Lost in the wilderness with no food, she'd figure out how to make a meal out of pine cones. Need your windows washed because the rehearsal dinner is at your house, she'll show up with bucket, squiggy, special liquid and make them shine! And, yet again she comes through to teach me how to use my button hole contraption so I can make button holes on the back of my pillow...cause, that is what I want to do!

I am in heaven! I know how to make button holes! I feel the same as when I make something in the kitchen and it turns out! Thank you Robin!

My very first button holes!