Saturday, March 26, 2011

Treasure Hunt

I have been on the hunt...a treasure hunt for 2 specific items for a couple of weeks. One was a ladder that is interesting to look at but, clean enough to hang some quilts on. I am tired of making quilts or be given quilts, only to fold them away in the closet. I want to enjoy them! To roll around in the memory of their construction or the feel good moment of receiving them. My quest is to display on a rotating basis quilts from my history, holiday themed or gifts in my home. I have seen the ladder idea in home decor magazines and made the choice to find the perfect one. The other item is a hanging quilt rack, white, with a shelf on top to have on the wall of my downstairs bathroom. So far, no luck on the second item.

On a hunch I decided to head to the back streets of Bend and check out the Iron Horse, a second hand and antique store. The guy who owns it is extremely nice and trusting. The kind of guy you want to do business with...the kind of guy you want to give your money too. Since the last time I was there he had doubled the inventory and the two second hand businesses next door opened a connecting wall...SWEET! I found my ladder...and it had some old hardware on it which I liked. The best part is the seller had already painted it and it was ready to use. Then while I was paying I picked up this bamboo thing and said, "how much?" He said, "Well, it just came about $6?" Which is the amount he took off the ladder as a final price! SOLD. He then asked, "what are you going to do with it?"

It is going to be a quilt hanger for a oriental themed wall hanging I made! Great idea, huh! He thought so.

So, here is my ladder. When I first saw it, the black kinda threw me off but I thought I could paint it if I didn't like it. Then when I got home and saw all the other black accents in the room I realized it fit in perfect!

And now I can start enjoying even more quilts in my cupboards than ever before. I figure I can even change the quilts to fit the season. Ahhhh, I love it when a good idea comes together.