Friday, March 11, 2011

Shop Hopping To Portland!

The 3 musketeers Robin, Lori and I started our day at a staff 0530!!!! Yes, it was still dark outside but, our department always has early morning staff meetings. Once it was over we headed over the mountain on our mini shop hop. It was a beautiful day, Mt. Hood stood out in all her majestic glory. Our trip over was filled with girlfriend talk and the tragedy in Japan...such a horrible event and one that will effect the entire world. I hope and pray that they can control the possible nuclear fall out and balance can return to our planet.

We stopped at 3 places, Fabric Depot, Pioneer Quilts and Holly Hills. We choose to forgo other stops because there will be vendors at the quilt show tomorrow. And we were able to boost the economy in more ways than one. I bought 6 raffle tickets for the most wonderful Lilac quilt from if you are interested in getting on the band wagon...otherwise I'll just take it home with me!

I am off to bed truly exhausted from shopping...go figure...and who would have thought I could find so much! Enjoy the slide show and we'll see you tomorrow after the quilt show!

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