Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Salt Instead Of Sugar

I was listening to Martha Stewart's show on radio and the guest was a author of a cookie cookbook. People could call in and ask questions (I have personally talked to my girlfriend Martha on the radio). One of the cooking disasters that was brought up was someone had put in a cup of salt instead of sugar. OH MY SUGAR Batman...I have NOT even done that in my cooking career. Yes, I did one Thanksgiving leave the sugar out of a cranberry compote...which is a testament to the loss of taste buds as you get older, because my brother in law's grandmother was the only one who ate it and loved it! I really miss her.

By this morning I was feeling pretty darn good. My self esteem in tact. Then I decided it was time to get up...I was tired of listening to the rain. I went down to the my sewing room at 4 am. I decided to crack open my package of Thangles which came with a new block by Primitive Gatherings
http://primitivegatherings.us/shop/ Lisa (not a girlfriend yet because I haven't spoken to her personally) swears that in order to make these tiny blocks you need these Thangles. I read the directions 5 TIMES! for the block then, read the directions for the Thangles 5 TIMES! proceeded to pin and sew. When I started to cut them apart...they just came apart as if they hadn't been sewn. WHAT THE HEY!!! Ohhhhhh, sew on the dotted lines, cut on the solid line.....which made me realize humility is a good thing because I am only one recipe away from putting the salt in a recipe instead of the sugar.