Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Level Closer to Quilter's Nirvana!

The 2011 NWQ Raffle Quilt

I am one day closer to quilter's Nirvana! Today is my last day of work this week. Tomorrow I head over the mountain with a girlfriend to the NWQ quilt show!!! at the Portland Expo Center! I have not been to this show in over 10 years and am looking forward to seeing what is being created on the other side of the mountain!

We are shop hopping our way to Portland on Friday. Then Saturday will take the trolley and Max to the Portland Expo Center! Hopefully, I'll be able to meet Michele one of the Woolie followers who lives in the area. And!!! Sandy gave me a heads up to the vendor's list! I will have to be frugal on the way because who knows what fabulous items the vendors will have!

My mantra each day HH and I leave for work is...we can do anything for a day! And today will just be one day closer to the quilt show. I'll post our shop hopping late Friday and then on Saturday after we have seen all the quilts and spent all the money I'll put a slide show on the blog for your enjoyment!