Friday, March 4, 2011

My Garbage Disposal And I Think Alike!

HH installed a new garbage disposal after ours went belly up and started leaking. This is no easy task as both of us although hard workers...are not "honey do's." We would rather work hard and pay someone who actually knows the best way to complete all those projects around the house. For whatever reason he decided to install the garbage disposal himself. A very frustrating morning, 2 trips to Home Depot and the use of a car jack, the garbage disposal was installed and working great! Then about 4 days ago it started to make a horrible noise...of course we had already disposed of the box it came in! My hand was the only one which would fit down there...I love the idea that I have small delicate hands that can slip into a garbage disposal. I couldn't really tell what was wrong...was the blades loose...what???

We decided to not use it until we had time to think about what we wanted to do about it. Last night over wine while standing at the kitchen counter we discussed it again and decided maybe we could live without one. I made one last attempt to figure out what was wrong...feeling around all the little nooks and crannies when I felt something different! It was hard to grasp but using my fingers like little chopsticks I grasp a little sliver of BONE! Who would have thought that a little piece of bone could cause that racket!

So you ask...what does this have to do with quilting and why do my garbage disposal and I think alike? A big leap here...It is the little things that can throw you off. Just a shade off in color in a quilt, or the fact that you sewed off your corners and points that can just bug the heck out of you! For my garbage disposal it was a piece of bone the size of my little fingernail...for was the fact that I had to cut off the tops and bottoms of the filigree on 2 of the borders. Overall the quilt is sweet...and I was sweet all day while making it...but of the bunnies lost it's ears!

This morning I head off to my First Saturday BOM at BJ's Quilt Basket! Tomorrow you'll have a new slide show from QuiltWorks with their First Friday Quilt Event! I love my life as a quilter in Central Oregon...never a dull moment!