Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mother May I?????

I must begin this post saying, "I love my mother." She is a force to be reckoned with and I am happy to be a part of her gene pool. Now in her 81st year she is Commodore of her yacht club, travels the globe and still believes that she is the source of all knowledge in the universe...and you know what? I am not sure she isn't correct. Speaks several languages, uses an I-Phone and has a lap top. She still is active in her what is the downside, you might ask?

This! is the problem. She got this throw blanket on a trip to New England and although it is pretty I do not think it looks great hanging on the wall of her home. And the Fabric Stalkers when we had retreat at her vacation home asked, WHY? I have for a few years been trying to get her to take it down so I can hang a quilt up there. But, the issue is that she believe quilting make me fat. Yes, in her mind living 12 hours away she thinks I am sitting on my kester 24 hours a day quilting and she wants me to stop. She would love for me to give up quilting and taking up running again. It is true I am a prolific quilter but it is not the amount of time but the consistently of moments that makes this happen. Although I try to quilt on my days off, life always interrupts. The majority of my quilting occurs at the retreats I attend a year and the 4 hours of quilt group meeting I attend once a week.

I decided to pick out a kit from Keepsake Quilting that I thought she would love, make it up and see if I can get her to hang it up in place of the Loon blanket. I think it turned out wonderful and I had my favorite LA Sandy Lachowski quilt it for me...because I didn't have time! Enzo really loved it and wished I would lay it on the floor so he could rub his face on it.

What do you think??? Will she go for it??? hummmm