Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Luck Of The Irish or Another Cooking Misadventure?

Today I have my crock pot going with Corned Beef. I like simple cooking because the more complicated stuff usually doesn't turn out...sometimes just gross to the eye...but tastes OK. Sometimes, just gross. One day I ran to the store and when I came home my youngest son met me at the front door and flatly told me he was not eating what was in the oven! I got my dander up and said, "oh yes you will...I am not fixing you something different!" At which point HH, who was washing the car said, "Go look at it first." Needless to say after taking a peek and seeing something that was a hot pink color we went out for Chinese.

I have made corned beef before and I remember it turned out OK but, for some reason I am nervous today. Maybe, it has been the recent cooking disasters. So, I went on the Internet to the Food Network and found out I need a rutabaga and carrots which I didn't have. I have potatoes and a cabbage...and the cabbage was a group discussion with 2 of the veggie guys at Newport Market since there were 3 kinds of cabbage. I got totally grossed out when I opened the corned beef bag and dropped it in the crock pot and all this blood!!!! poured into the pot. I know that the beef was soaked in seasons but I had to take it out and clean my crock pot. I then filled it with water like the recipe said added the potatoes. Not sure what made me go back to check the recipe but I did and it was supposed to be HOT water. Too late, so I have turned up the crock pot to high for 20 minutes to heat up the water faster. After Enzo and I go for a walk we are heading out in search of a rutabaga and carrots...oh yeah and I am going to buy a loaf of bread! Do you hear me Alma!!! buy a loaf of bread!!!

I guess cooking is like quilting. Some of us go for the simpler patterns because they turn out and some of us, like my friend Dale pick the complicated patterns because they can cook...after all she can make a pie!