Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's The BOM!

I swear time is streaking by...although you couldn't tell by the weather. I usually accept the weather with a degree of decorum, but these days it seems I wake up and throw a full scale tantrum. I know it is Spring and, we are supposed to get intermittent rain, snow, sleet and a peek of sun but I am soooooo ready for more than a peek of sun. Enzo and I are ready to get out and hit the trail without my inhaler! And since, I jumped the gun and decided to get him shaved he is still giving me the stink eye. Yesterday he didn't eat all day, and I believe this was in protest. Finally, realizing that he lives with a couple of people who raised 2 boys (take no prisoners kind of parents, don't come whining unless there is a lot of blood)...he gave in and ate his dinner. Although he is still giving me the stink eye, he did eat his breakfast. I think he knows I am leaving for part of the day for a Sashiko Quilting class at the Stitchin Post.

This morning I got up early, had coffee with HH and then pieced my BJ's Quilt Basket block of the month. I got caught off guard by a busy month and realized I had not done any of my BOM's. Now the BJ one's are done! They are cute and if it wasn't for my friend Suzette donating a nice little pile of 30's fabrics I'd end up with a boring quilt. On Thursday I am going to do my Henrietta Whiskers because I know Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill is getting ready to post the next block and if she gets confused about what day it is like last month...it'll be up there a day early!

Have a great Tuesday...and don't feel too bad for Enzo, he has a good life!

He thinks he is going but, I am not sure that Jean Wells would appreciate his shopping techniques. Because, I know what he does when he finds the perfect spot.