Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

I am back home and feeling the relaxation seeping throughout my body and soul. Upon arrival I was greeted by a very happy and bored Enzo. HH was laid up with the worst virus of the year and barely moved from bed. While talking to him by phone I was worried that as soon as I arrived home I was going to have to pack his butt to the local ER. Although he sounded horrible his coloring was good and #1...he said he was starting to feel better!

I dropped a pretty penny but am happy to say that there are 2 kits that stayed in Portland! totally out of control impulse buying! I picked up some patterns, a book and a bunch of wool and thread. I did buy some Japanese Fabrics...which brings me to the news. Mostly out of the news loop this weekend it was really hard to watch when I got home. I swear that CNN does provide a service but stop already with the emotional news over and over heart is already broken for all those families who are affected. I had to turn it off.

I feel safe tucked in my little corner of the world but, in reality the butterfly effect will ripple the pain around the world. Whenever I am stressed or sad...I quilt and this week...I see a lot of quilting in my future!