Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Gypsy & The Frog

In yesterday's blog, Barbara noticed the table topper quilt under my St. Paddy's day dinner. It has been one of my most favorite patterns...mainly because my kitchen table is round. I love table toppers and table runners since I occasionally need a sense of accomplishment between the other projects! Also, since I LOVE fabric...and lines of fabric, I am addicted to those 5 inch packs. Many table runner patterns call for those 5 inch packs and I can scratch an itch without breaking the bank.

I decided to look for all my Gypsy and Frog toppers but only could find 3! I know I have made a Christmas themed one, a chocolate one and an Asian fabric topper...but I can't find them...I might have given them away! They are fantastic gifts. The pattern is an Aardvark pattern, and I made a permanent set of plastic templates because I have made so many and it made it easier.

As soon as I laid the 3 I found on the floor to photograph, Enzo came over to add his touch. I am not sure why he must lie on any quilt that is on the floor...but I suspect he may have been a quilter in a former life!