Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goose Jelly

Some of you that have known me a long time and my new blog friends who have been following along with "The Woolie" know that cooking is not my forte. My shining moments have not, been in front of the stove. I totally blame this on my mother, my former priest, my boss who retired recently, all the dogs I have owned, HH ( who cooks better than me...because he is not afraid of any product that has fat in it) and, my kitchen. The one thing I have been awesome at creating is "Goose Jelly." I learned about goose jelly in my early days of quilting. I read in some periodical about quilting that you could save all the little pieces cut off of flying geese and half square triangles, place them in a bottle and call them goose jelly. I don't know about you but, goose jelly sounds like you making something in the kitchen...not necessarily, something you family would eat. But, neither the less...something in a Julia Child's cookbook.

From that first moment I started collecting the little triangles and putting them in an old bottle. They are a testament to not only to my cooking skills but, my quilting life! The colors remind me of all that I have created. I don't care what anybody says! I make an awesome jar of Goose Jelly! Here is the recipe if you would like to make your own batch!

1. scoop up all the half square triangles you snip off your blocks.

2. as you hold them in your cupped hand, close your eyes and envision the quilt they helped create.

3. pour them gently into a container of your choice.

4. place them in a window where you can enjoy them.