Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Filled To The Brim With Quilting

Tuesday was a full day of quilting and quilt friends, starting at 3 AM! I actually started to feel nauseated at around 4 PM just from being tired. After Woolies I headed home with a half loaf of sour dough bread that my "bestie" Trish made from the "infamous" sour dough starter. I put it in the Brotform bowl in grand presentation and then took a 20 minute nap! When HH came home we had bread dipped in olive oil with our dinner and we toasted Trish!

The wool project of the day was done by Sandy F. from Madras. She is an amazingly accomplished quilter and has a real gift when it comes to wool! Her house is all ready in anticipation of Easter.

I love how Mary from Madras used wool to create the vines on the leaves of this sunflower!

Mary R. continues to work on her wool BOM from Sew Many Quilts. When you tackle a project like this you have to chip away a little at a time. It is going to be beautiful!

The newest participant of Woolie's is Brenda King! I have such fond memories of Brenda, she was my welcoming committee of one when we first moved to Central Oregon. She oriented me to the hospital in Redmond while we settled into our life in Central Oregon. Her daughter babysat my 2 sons. Now, my oldest son is 31 yrs old! How time flies! And now we will be sharing time at the Woolies! The two squares below are the blocks she is working on....I wish you could see the wings on the dragon fly more clearly, they are iridescent.

Remember that square of fabrics from yesterdays blog...well it was the center of my newest table runner project! I started button hole stitching one basket of flowers yesterday during Woolie's group! Another basket goes at the other end, once I get this one stitched down. As soon as I laid it on the floor for a photo, Enzo trotted over to make sure he got his paws on the quilt!