Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fabric Stalkers...We Do Create With The Fabric That Is Captured!

The best we can figure it we became the Fabric Stalkers around 1996ish. It was a smaller group back then and there have been quilters who have come and gone over the years but the numbers remain around the 10 mark. We have challenged each other not only to make beautiful quilts but ugly quilts also. The ugly quilt challenge actually produced some cute quilts. Since Anne was joining us I figure it would be good to give her a taste of the ugly quilts. The challenge was to create a block out of the receivers least favorite color or pattern. The receiver would then have to make a quilt with the blocks. There were "white on white" blocks, Pink blocks, Red blocks, flower printed get the idea. This years challenge is called, "The Flippin Bird" challenge! Named for a quilt Nancy had been trying to put together for 14 years with "birds in the air" blocks. We all have a project we started that we never have been able to complete...those are the "flippin bird projects" and we are passing them around, ultimately to receive back a quilt that is wonderful...but doesn't resemble the original pattern. There should be some interesting outcomes!

We had a wonderful day of sharing and hand sewing. It was fortuitous that one of our members who lives in the Bay Area was in town...and we were also having a mini celebration of Irene's 50th birthday. All in all, a great soul filling day...enjoy the slide show and you can be a Fabric Stalker for the day!

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