Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eureka I Am At The Top Of The Hill

The one thing I realize is quilt groups not only add richness too your conversation, gossip to your repertoire but, they add incentive to finishing projects. Between my 3 part time jobs (nurse, household manager/family worrier and go too girl for a very healthy mother) you would think I wouldn't have time for any quilt groups. But after watching the National Geographic documentary called, "Stress, the Silent Killer" I realize that my groups are what add balance to my life. They are the parts of my life that let the steam off. Although because of scheduling issues at work I can't make every group meeting, I still make it a priority behind everything else. There is something about the connection to women who share their wisdom, sense of humor, projects, woes and triumphs that fills my heart and I know, lowers my stress levels.

Knowing, I am coming to Woolies keeps me on task. Today I have made it over the top of the hill on my latest project! I have completely stitched one side and am now working on the other. I love this table runner! It is called May Basket, designed by Primitives by Lynda and QuiltWorks carries the pattern if you are interested. Their link is on the upper left corner under local shops.