Thursday, February 3, 2011

Twice The Cake Power!

Before I tell my tale of baking my second cake in one week...I want to say I was so happy to hear that there so far, no reported deaths in Australia...I know you as a country were on pins and needles. When I read the report from one gentleman...I have to say I did have a slight pang. He said, "the loss was only timber and fiber." Fiber!!! poor quilts???? And for those of you in the Midwest and east coast it sounds like the worst is over but according to the weather channel there will be more intermittent days of stitching ahead.

Don't forget to check in tomorrow. I will have a slide show on the construction of the cutest quilt hanger. HH and I made it in less than 3 hours!

You ask...why "Twice The Cake Power"? I have never had the experience of baking 2 cakes in one week....and to have a cake receive compliments...well, I am still glowing in my success.

I was a little worried when smoke started pouring out of the oven...and although it was 20 degrees I had to open both sliding doors and turn the fan on to move the smoke out of the house! But with a cake this rich and using a spring form pan some of the juice part leaked onto the bottom of the oven and burned. The cake did not suffer and I was so proud when HH came home and saw a beautiful pineapple upside down cake waiting for him in the kitchen.
I am quite proud of my pineapple upside down cake! The best part of making this cake took HH back to some of the good memories of his childhood. His mom used to make him this cake. Although he is not partial to pineapple after younger years spent in Hawaii and being served pineapple juice and gram crackers for snack...he does love the taste of pineapple upside down cake because it touches his heart.