Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweetness Sunday

This the view out the back of the house. My deck has at least 12 inches in some spots. I could shovel it off...or...I could do something else? Same as yesterday...choices! I chose to leave it for HH who has the day off tomorrow, while I will be toiling away with some very wonderful patients. Today I quilt and bake!

I decided today was the day...I had taken enough flack for the order of the wooden bowl and the sour dough starter. What can I say...I wanted to wake up and be Alma at BlackBird Designs! As it is, I am going to have to stop reading her blog...I now own sourdough starter that is 250 years old, a brotform to rise the dough and there are some cookie molds arriving any day! BUT, today is to be the day of vindication! I am going to make my first loaf of bread from my 250 year old sourdough starter!!! First I had to find the adoption papers and instructions. I need to quit work so I can keep up with my brain...but then again more time...might be dangerous in this household!

Here is where my sour dough starter has been languishing for the last month! I have no excuse other than shear terror at the responsibility of starter that began 250 years ago! And I have been told I am a pack rat! hummmp, King Arthur's Flour is much worse, 250 yr. old starter!

I felt really bad when I read the label and it said, "Please Feed Me" no, it actually said, "PLEASE FEED ME." like one of those posters of kids from 3rd world countries!

The instructions say to let it "do it's thing" for 8 hours in a cool home...68-70 degrees! ROFLOL! If I turn my back on our thermostat it drops to 58! If I had our temp set at 68 degrees it would be running continuously and we would have to get a second job! So I covered it with saran wrap and set it over the heater vent. Lucky for us Enzo is scared of anything out of the ordinary and so he gives a wide berth to a bowl sitting over the floor vent!

So while this process...proceeds I am heading back up to my sewing room. I need the break from all the stress in the kitchen!
Decided to attempt a feathered design in the setting triangles. I am sooooo proud of myself! I have always avoided feathers...but between my cute red readers the support of my fellow quilters and my bright bendie light I am quite pleased!

It is amazing how interesting the tellie is when you have hand work. Some shows end before you realize. Kinda like when you are driving along and suddenly reach your destination. So it is with handwork while watching the TV. My redwork project is really blooming!

Tomorrow...the outcome of the bread! Stay tuned!