Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quilting Time Warp

Central Oregon is filled with inspiration and quilters...for that seems to be the center for all types of world famous artists. I think, this is what makes the various BOM groups so poplular. As much as the quilting bar is being pushed every day...and, you can see it at the quilt shows and the various show and tell programs. Once in a while you just want to take a break. Make a quilt where some of the decisions are made for you...where you can meet your gal pals...and have coffee afterwards!

What I realized this week is that I have 3 BOM's going...which means each month I have on my list to complete 3...3 blocks in order to keep up. I found out yesterday that this is causing a "quilting time warp." Time is in..."is it already time to complete another set of blocks???

With BJ's Quilt Basket's meeting yesterday, Henrietta Whiskers was posted yesterday on the web and Green Pieces from Sew Many Quilt due in a week...I have found that my time scheduled is goverened by BOM's and, that it seems cause time to move faster each month!

So if you are interested in joining me on my 2011 maddness you can find the various links on the Woolie page...after all a girl never wants to go MAD alone! It is better to take some girlfriends with you!
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