Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quilting History 101

I often wonder while creating a quilt, who will cherish this treasure? I make quilts as gift and once they leave my home I only can hope the receiver will feel the love and use them daily...feeling the bond between giver and receiver. There are my favorites that I keep for the sheer enjoyment of seeing what I am capable of creating. I hope someday when I have gone to the "quilt room in the sky" my special quilts will be treasured by my family. Believing that when a family is woven with love the connection to material objects can pass on that love for many generations. So is the story of Papa Norseth.

One of the most treasured part of connecting with others at quilt groups is the passing on of "our stories." Our family history, quilting life, loves and hates about everything from books to movies. It is the threads of life shared that make each person so important to me. Today when Marilyn started to bead her latest project I had to take a photo of the silver spoon she was using to scoop up the beads. This spoon was won by Papa Norseth in Norway (the year 1862) while competing in the ski jump. He traveled to the US at the turn of the century letting his son Harold Norseth use it as a baby spoon. Today at Woolie group my friend Marilyn (Harold's daughter) was using her father's spoon to scoop beads and you could see his little teeth marks! and it is a treasured piece of her history that she continues to use. That is what I hope for with my treasures.
The other great part of quilt group is when you walk in everyone will notice your new hair cut and pay you many compliments. My friend Marilyn not only brought a little history today, she did it looking hot!

Isn't the back just the cutest!