Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quilter's Panic!

When you know you have an impending in 3 hour bus ride over the mountain on Friday...and you are going to be in a hotel for 2 days with your mom! you gotta have handwork! The issues are...with the return of my vertigo and work I have had little time to make a decision. The result is shear chaos in my sewing room. I have wool projects, embroidery, cross stitch...what to take, what to take??? I was trying to embroider my Redwork sampler this evening while watching a DVR'd episode of NCIS...way to interesting TV for handwork and I spelled one of the stitches wrong...had to rip back out! LOL

By the time I went to bed last night I had decided to only take the Redwork project. There is a very detailed line of flowers and conceivably I could get it done in one weekend. But I woke up this morning to a new pile of snow and the forecast of snow not only here but on the other side of the mountain where they are not used to dealing with snow. Which means...who knows if my mom's plane will be able to land...I may be in a hotel by myself all weekend! I'll need a back up project in case I am hotel bound! Again...what to take, what to take???

And so...the decision has to be made and in the process I have made a disaster of my quilt room! How blessed I am to have soooo many UFO's, WIP's and PIG's to choose from. What would you take if you had limited space in the packing?

(what's funny is spell check doesn't know what a UFO, WIP and a PIG is...must not be written by a quilter!)