Thursday, February 17, 2011

Quilter's Blindness or What Pieced Border???

I was sent a video of a blind quilter and was in awe of the challenges that were faced each day by this person and the quantity of quilt produced. Fabric addiction crosses all genders, cultures and handicaps.

I found out last evening that I have a mild form of blindness! Quilter's Blindness and I wondered if anyone else has noticed this problem in their quilt life? I had just finished a long day at work and was asked if I could come in on my day off and work a few hours. Whaaaa, it was my quilt "cave" day with a massage thrown in. But, I knew my employer was in desperate need so I said sure...I'll get up at 0400 and work a few hours. What this meant way I was going to go to my BOM meeting last night at Sew Many Quilts. After having worked hard to keep up with the project I decided to at least go to the shop and pick up the next months blocks.

Gayle of Sew Many Quilts is a hard task master! She gives you at least 3 blocks each time AND she does it with a sweet smile. The crazy thing about yesterday was when she handed me my bundle and told me what it included she said the words, "pieced border!"

"WHAT PIECED BORDER???????" She gave me that look...a combination of empathy and glee and took me over to the Green Pieces BOM bible and flipped to the color photo of the quilt and pointed to the pieced border!!!!???? HOLY PIECED BORDER BATMAN...I never saw a pieced border all these months of pouring over the project!

Which makes me think I suffered Quilter's Blindness which is a malady when a quilter gets excited over a project she can only see portions of the project. She cannot see the project in it's entirety. She cannot see the difficult issues she will be faced with during construction but only sees the overall beauty.

So, today besides going to work for a few hours, getting a massage, I am going to be searching the Internet for a doctor who treat Quilter's Blindness before I sign up for the next project!