Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quilt Hanger In 3 Hours!

I wanted a quilt hanger that was functional and cute. My friend Anne said to go on Google and click images with the text "Quilt Hanger"...I was shocked...I had never used Google images and now, it is my favorite thing! HH and I checked out the photos and I was trying to decide what would best fit the space before internet shopping. Then HH said he could make one...just like Mr. C&W of the Cotton 'n Wool Blog fame, (I still want one of the caddies he made for Anne!) Off to Home Depot we went! I was totally took us less than 3 hours to make a very cute quilt hanger...and, it only took us that long because our garbage disposal broke and we had to check out the ones available before checking out of the store. Here is a step by step to the cutest quilt hanger in Central Oregon!
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  1. That is really cool. I think I will make one of those. Thanks. Ya, I know, I want one of those cool caddy's also.

  2. Hey Sandy...maybe Mr. C&W will make us one for Christmas!!!! I am going to make a second hanger this weekend because the length of the wood allows for at least 2 if not 3 hangers depending on on long you need them to be.

  3. Thanks Carolyn! I'm feeling smug about it!

  4. I googled 'make your own quilt hanger' and your blog was the first home-made tutorial that showed up! I'm looking to hang my son's nursery quilt has part of his room decor. Thanks for the inspiration to oomplete my project. I can pick out all the goods and paint, then my HH can complete it!