Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh Mama Mia

Our sweet room especially with my projects that made it safe and sound, after all they are my most precious cargo! I am going to work on my Redwork and I found a needlepoint project that was hiding in my sewing room.

I made it over the mountain on a totally packed bus...and still I was able to do some stitchin on the way and a few of the passengers were curious enough to engage me in conversation! Dropped my bags off at the Inn at Northrup Station, my favorite place to stay if Enzo is not with me. Then I took the Max to the airport to meet my elderly mother. Oh yeah, that's her doing business on her I-Phone.

The thing you have to understand about my mom is that she travels with a peculiar array of items in her luggage and always get pulled out by the TSA inspector. It might be the numerous socks she travels with as gift for her might receive socks that say, "Alaska" when I know she has not visited Alaska in several years...or the cans of Oriental crackers and seaweed...

Now we are waiting for the younger son to arrive to pay homage to his grandma and the weird thing that has happened is that in one respect I have turned into my mom...we are both worried about having dinner so late! After all we are both AARP members and usually eat before 6:00 PM!