Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!!!

It was after getting off work this afternoon and starting on a quilting project that I thought to tell you about one of my very favorite Christmas presents! Why did I think about this after work? Because, I forgot my reading glasses and there is nothing worse than doing computer work, drawing labs and starting IV's to remind you of how your eye sight is aging. Once home I decided that I wanted to quilt. I put my readers on (cute ones that I got from QuiltWorks). They are red and come apart at the nose bridge. Just like that guy on CSI! I then clicked on my Bendable Bright Light. A couple of friends of mine had them but, I thought, my sewing machine has a light and I have a table top Ott light so why do I need another light. One of my dearest friends who was preaching the way of the Bendable gave me one for Christmas...and, I feel like a born again light person! Where you attach it to your machine is up to you and there are instructions.

The light is fantastic, especially for quilting because you can really see each stitch! I swear my quilting has improved! She bought this one at BJ's Quilt Basket. Then, the last time I was at the Stitchin Post I found out they sold extra bases! I purchased an extra base and attached to my little Janome Jem that I take to classes and retreats which allows me to transfer the light depending on which machine I use.

I guess even though my eyes are getting older you can see how well lit the actual stitching surface is...if only I could use it at work when I put peoples IV's in...hey mister can you hold this light right over that vein?!