Monday, February 21, 2011

Heavens Be Praised, I Have To Go To Work!

Oh yeah I am happy to be getting up at 0400 and heading out to work because this parenting things is exhausting! NO, there is no bread! Turns out when I read the directions (an issue of mine) just helping the starter to grow takes a total of 16 hours! By the time I went to bed last night...I was exhausted and the final instructions were to divide in half AGAIN (give half to a out Woolies) and feed it AGAIN. Then, let is hang out for another 2-4 hours. But, I was toooo tired and so left it unsupervised in the kitchen like I would with my sons and their friends. Finally I am supposed to store it in a loosely convered "non-reactive" container! I think one of my friends was right...I had better never take this stuff on a plane, or I'd be on the TSA no fly list!

When I took Enzo out for a potty break I was watching him search for the perfect spot and I had to laugh! It is much how we look for the perfect fabric in our stash. We stick our nose in the piles, is it this, it's that, I think it's over here in this pile. Much like him, we circle and circle...until we find the perfect one. Now, I am less inclined to hurry him up because I totally get that process of finding the perfect one!

Have a great quilting day if you are off and if you are going to work be glad you don't have to make bread!