Friday, January 14, 2011

The Zone

A Friday off to do WHAT EVER I want...Not! I was up and off to work for a staff meeting. Yes, we do have staff meetings at 0530 and 0630 in the morning! Although this staff meeting was anticipated to evolve into a much heated discussion, it turned out not to be that bad...although the vote is still out on if we accomplished anything. Life is different for everyone these last few years and it is soooo important to find a friend who can lend you an ear and to be involved in something outside of the work place. Sitting in the staff meeting was made much easier because I was sitting next to girlfriends and I knew I was coming home to my quilt room!

As you know my quilt room is a "No Flogging Zone" which I had to really focus on this morning because I decided to see how many tops I had done but, not quilted. First of all I should have done this with a stiff drink in my hand! When I opened my tops drawer and counted how many tops were in there (I preface this with the fact that these are a combination of full quilts, table runner, wall hanging and baby quilts) there were 20. TWENTY!!! I could feel the flogging coming on but I stopped! Yes, I have 20 tops that are not quilted, but I loved making each and every one of them. And yes, I could start thinking about quilting them. BUT, what I did was chose 2 out of the pile, put a back together and take them to BJ's Quilt Basket where Sandy Lachowski has been quilting my quilts for years. Sandy is like my quilt therapist and one of these days I am going to take a slide show of her studio which is located is a very peaceful place outside of Bend.

Your long arm quilter is as important as your hairdresser, manicurist and gynecologist! We are blessed here in Bend because not only do we have a wonderful selection of quilt shops but our long arm community is prolific!

Thanks to you who have already signed up as followers it is encouraging to me not to feel like the slightly whacked guy I see who is talking as he is walking down the street alone with no one listening...but then that I think about that, it might be my banker on his cell thingy. If you have thoughts feel free to leave me a comment and I promise to take my aluminum foil beanie off and answer you.

Even Enzo was in The Zone! He is the most content when I have a day off and we head to the sewing room.