Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Now???

What Now??? I asked when I woke up this morning. I finished the top for my 2011 BOM from BJ's and today was a new day. I broke out my BOM from Sew Many Quilts. I know a lot of people don't like BOM's for a variety of reasons...Oh everyone's quilt looks the same...yada, yada, yada. As for me, I love BOMs. I always choose a BOM that is totally out of my color palate or comfort zone, just to mix it up. I can have 3 or more BOM's going at a time. I know, some would say I am nuts...but the monkeys make me do it! And I love the girlfriend factor! The key to a BOM is to make the block in the first couple of weeks after receiving the packet. I get the same feeling when I make a list of things to do and get to check one off. I love this block of the month from Sew Many Quilts, it is cotton and wool blocks...the best of both worlds. And, it is in a color palate I do not own...another plus. I love to mix hand work into my life so that I can sit next to HH while he is watching Gunsmoke and actually seem like I am watching...hey, isn't that one a rerun?! Standing joke which I ask him regularly.

I just love this block! Although I was given the wool to use for the block I just had to throw a little of my own wool and I love how it turned out!

I was reading another blog where the woman referred to her husband as EGE (ever gorgeous Earl) because after 34 years of marriage he still physically looked the same and she asked him if he was going to be ever gorgeous? I on the other hand can not use the same acronym for my husband because then it would be EGG...ever gorgeous Greg, I refuse to refer to my husband as I will just use what one of my friends calls him Hunka Hunka. So HH hung this bulletin board in my quilting know to help me stay organized! ROFLOL! But I love far I have a calendar and a photo of the BOM I am doing from Sew Many Quilts. I feel smug already!

This on the other hand is one of those projects that has a mind of it know...the king sized quilt project. Which means that I do a little at a time before I feel overwhelmed by the scope of the project. Those little squares are one inch! The colors are sooooo rich and I know we are going to love the quilt on our bed when I am done...but the operative word is DONE. Wish me good quilting...I'm gonna need it!

Enzo suggests you all get going on your projects and make it a "finish" kind of year!