Monday, January 24, 2011

Vortex Reported in Bend, Oregon

Bend is the home base for a lot of snow birds. Come November they pull up stakes heading to the Southern United States...most to the land of the vortexes. But I have a little know secret...that my quilt/sewing room is my very own vortex and I don't have to leave Bend to experience it! This morning at 4 am I got up,showered and dressed for step...even before Enzo is taken outside for his first constitution of the day, we head to my sewing room. We stand in the middle of the room and silently look all around. We feel satisfaction that there are now 2 Star of Orient blocks completed on the design wall. We absorb the energy and good feelings that exist within these small 4 walls...and then, I am ready to head into the day and Enzo is ready to take a poop.

The Vortex of at our house. Do you have a Vortex at your house?
The Central Oregon Quilters Stock Page arrived in the mail earlier this month...and like the real stock pages makes your blood pressure go up and down with excitement. Everyone around here knows that you are pretty much toast if you don't get on it and sign up...because classes fill up fast. When you go from a town with no stop lights to having the highway re-routed for the day of the quilt know there are a lot of people coming this way! But life got in the way and so Sat. was the day my girlfriend and I put in our registration for a class...and now we sit, with out fingers crossed hoping we are accepted to the class of our choice...together! I am more apprehensive waiting for my acceptance letter to the leaves wool class than I was to the University of California, Santa Barbara!