Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There's A Box Out Here....

2010 was a blurrrrr for me. I hardly had time for my own life. My oldest son was married and I had the good fortune to be able to pretty much plan the whole wedding since it was here in Bend and the bride's mother lived out of state. I totally had a blast! But it did take the entire first half of the year. Then there were the family health issues, work...yada, yada, yada.

Which brings me to 2011. I have jumped back into my life feet and heart first! The joy I feel these days reconnecting to my quilting self, taking time to be with HH and pay attention to my dear Enzo is so energizing!

The other things that has happened is that I am SOOOOO exited when I find something I absolutely love and have to have. I on a good day am not patient...on an excited day have absolutely no control and both Penny and I cannot say NO. Thus the regular delivery of my internet purchases. When they put out those statistics about the power of internet shopping...well, I am one of those numbers. I was sharing my "dirty little quilting" secret with my Woolie group and told them I ordered sour dough starter and a 9" Brotform to make bread. I do not bake bread. So last night when HH and I got home from dinner at mom's house he was taking Enzo out for a potty break...I heard him say...there's a box out here! Oh really...I wonder who that is from...When I explained what it was HH said, "I like bread." Phewwww

You ask why, I ordered what I was a link to King Arthur Flour site which was linked off a quilt site which, I got the fabulous chili recipe. I DON'T HAVE A CLUE...why I ordered it but, now I find out in the instructions that the sour dough starter requires me to babysit and take care of it and, I may have to take it to Portland with me this weekend! I am going to look peculiar walking into my grandson's basketball game while carrying my sourdough starter!