Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday BOM Madness

Enzo, the guardian of the fabric and my loyal task master has helped me get my blocks done on my Green Pieces BOM. I am only allowed out of this room for a potty break and then it is back at it because today is the day to catch up.
The only way I can survive in my quilt room is with a book on CD. Along with fabric, books are my other passion. I can at any one time have 5-6 books going at the same time. Remember that monkey brain I was talking about! I have a car book, a bed time book, an E-Reader for waiting in line or traveling, a book on my Ipod for when I am out on the trail, a book to read on my lunch hour and book on CD in my quilt room. Currently I am listening to the second book in the InkHeart series and Brendan Fraiser is the reader...absolutely wonderful. He was in the movie InkHeart and having seen the movie this book just comes to life as he is reading.

It is madness this thing we call quilting and with 3 BOM's going I have added to my insanity! I got up at 0400...yes that is 4 AM because the BOM's were calling my name. I really had to get control of them because I have so many other projects in process which I want to get to also but I love my BOM's...they are like children evolving and eventually growing up and maybe moving out! Out of the 3 BOM's only one is like looking at a I wonder who your father was?! The other two I have totally fallen in love with and already know where I am going to hang one of them.

The thing about BOM's is they are sooooo dang labor intensive. It is not like strip piecing or cutting fabric in is one block at a little flying 2 and 7/8 inch square. It takes almost an hour to cut and finish a block!

My 3 BOM's include 30's print from BJ's Quilt Basket. Green Pieces from Sew Many Quilts. And, Henrietta Whiskers from Bunny Hill. I NEED to stay on top of this little group because next weekend I am taking a class out at the Stitchin' Post in Sisters...and I haven't even begun to chose what fabric I want to use in that class. But at least I now am pretty much caught up on my Green Pieces BOM as you can see by the blocks below.

I am really happy with how this project is coming along and have enjoyed every month...wait till you see the medallion block that goes in the center!