Friday, January 28, 2011

Holly Hills...Here I Come!!!!

My goal today was to document for the quilting world my trip to Holly Hills and to post the photographs of my shopping adventure! There were many a nay sayer who told me to forget my dream that there would be no photographing going on...but...I am a quilter who believe that what she imagines...will come true!

My first photo: Brian's shoes at Holly Hills...they are not his new shoes but his old shoes...but hey, these are acutally Brian's shoes!

Everytime I make the trip to Holly Hills I come away with my mind filled full of ideas and a heart brimming with hope! The hope that the many little projects I picked up on "this" trip will be done before the next trip! LOL But, I am realistic...I know that the project I bought on the last trip is still in its beautifully wrapped container...and I know the projects I bought today won't be done before my next trip in March...sooooo...why fight it...just give into the joy! I hope you enjoy the slide show of Holly Hills and be sure to check out Brian's Blog with the latest update of events happening at Holly Hills! what I do know is that they know how to throw an event!

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