Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bag Man

When I was reorganizing my quilt room I found a drawer stuffed with quilt store bags. The thing is, quilt store bags are usually nice heavy plastic or strong paper bags. And if you are a recycle person such as myself you can't throw them away. Well, I had found about 20 of them stuffed here and there around my sewing room. I thought, I would just put them in the kitchen drawer that HH get his lunch bag out of and he wouldn't notice if they were grocery sacks or quilt store sacks.

Oh Honey...."what are all these bags????" Oooopppps. I need to give up my hoarding tendencies of quilt store bags, cause I think they may give HH more information than he needs!

Friday, we head to Portland to visit our kids and watch our grandson play basket ball. On Sunday we have family breakfast with the kids and my cousin's family which is always wonderful! But...before that we actually have to drive over the mountain and, as I have plotted the course it will take us right past Holly Hills which is one of my favorite quilt shops in West Linn. Since I still have some Christmas gift money left...I figure I can spend some time and money! Come Friday evening I'll have a new slide show! That is if I can convince Brian to let me take a few photos of my visit!