Thursday, January 13, 2011

All A Girl Wants To Do...Is Sew!

This is a slide show of my quilt room from 2010. I have reorgainzed a little more, both projects in the slide show are done but I just wanted to look again before I head out to work.
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My sewing came to a halt with my work life interferring! Yep, this is what I call my long week where I work more days than I have off during the work week and it really crimps my quilting life! Getting up at 0400 for work and then putting in a 10 hours day leaves little passion for sewing when I get home. In fact, it leaves very little for anything. Some days after relaxing for a little while and sipping a glass of wine I will pick up a wool project and stitch while watching a little TV. I think my sitiching is really good after a glass of wine! The reality of it is, when you get up at 0400 you gotta get in bed around 8:00 PM. which doesn't leave much evening for diving into a project or watching any decent TV. We DVR everything we want to watch because we can never stay up to watch a show.

This last week I have taken to absorbing the karma of my sewing room. I get up at 0400, take a shower, dress and then walk down the hall to my sewing room. I turn the light on and just stand in the middle of it! I can see my BOM's on the design wall, my king size quilt blocks on my sewing table and I feel centered. I have a spiritual moment! Ahhhh Then I can turn around walk out and start the work day.

I can't wait till tomorrow! I am off and I will get to dive into a project.