Thursday, May 10, 2018

The City Life 2

Now that I am sitting in the quiet of my little town I can reflect on the differences with the city life...I thought I would share some of the more interesting sights and I wish I had a photo of these but...when your mouth is opened and your brain is going...what the heck? just don't think about taking a photo, LOL

The front wall is all glass from floor to ceiling so you really have a view on the world.  I watched a gentleman walk down the sidewalk with his bag of groceries and his golden retriever was carrying a giant bag of Cheetos by the top...swing back and forth, LOL

Early one morning a man was walk down the street with a cup of coffee playing a harmonica...and he was good!

I did make a trip to Fabric Depot and it has a totally different feel.  Although the isles are larger and it is easier to maneuver around  it seemed there was a whole lot less fabric and for the first time ever I couldn't find what I was looking for!  Then I saw a product I use regularly and thought I would pick it up...and was stunned.  What I normally pay in my local quilt shop is $ Fabric Depot it was $37!!!! about mark up! NO WAY...I'll wait till I get to the local store :)

Before we headed up we went to the Farmers Market and discovered the best chocolate EVER!!! And, it was Vegan and Gluten free:)  You can mail order at Missionary Chocolates  A bunch of different new favorite!

But the best part of the city life was seeing 
my sons and their families.  

Have a wonderful week...I have stitching in my forecast :)


  1. What a great picture of Silas! He looks like he saw the views from your city window and couldn't believe what he was seeing!

    I find it interesting how different prices can be from shop to shop for the same items in my area also.

    Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day and that the skies are blue and sunny for your special day.

  2. I want to know what the product was! LOL. I've known for years that FD marks up their stuff but people think it's just so incredible. Yeah, if you like a sterile warehouse. We have always stuck to the MSRP. And what's unfortunate is people don't understand that mark up on fabric isn't very high to begin with but everyone wants a sale. Your local quilt shops have tons of overhead but they are expected to always have a sale. It's so sad what's happening out there. However, when I ask "how much do you want to pay for fabric" no one can provide an answer. Seeew is it just easier to complain? Makes you wonder. In 13 years that we've been open fabric has gone up $2-$3 (about .23 cents a year). When we opened in 2005 it was 8.99. I had one lady from your area argue with me on my blog that fabric is now in the teens and that if I'm going to worry about the discount culture...I need to make my shop the shop that is too good to pass up. Well, where is she shopping? I even asked her, and of course...she didn't bother to write back. Easier to complain I guess. The only fabric we have that is in the teens is specialty canvas or Silk Matka. I dislike basic, generalizations in the Social Media world. It doesn't help anyone. Put down the phone and shop your quilt shops. ONLINE ONLY businesses (even Fat Quarter Shop and designers) do not help your local brick and mortars at all.

    Love your post Anna! You make me think!