Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tutto ciò su cui puoi contare è il cambiamento

We are on count down to our youngest and his family moving and although there are so many blessings related to this move for them I can't help but feel a loss.  I know intellectually  that  we are only talking about 3 hours...but...there was something comforting about having family in the same town, a real emotional and physical comfort.  And, this experience has made me reflect so much on what my mother must have gone through when we decided to move to Oregon...a 13 hour drive away.  It is true you really do not get it until you experience it first hand. 

So what does this have to do with anything...well, to ease the transition I have been keeping busy...filling my calendar.  I have been spending time with Silas, scheduled a massage, scheduled a facial, set up sew dates, signed up for a half marathon and I have been working on projects!  And, actually finishing some!

I am so tickled to have finished this sweet cross stitch that was gifted to me by girlfriend.  I found the perfect frame at the craft store.

I also had to finish my postcard donation for the Wish Upon A Card Fundraiser.  Each instructor donates at least one card which is framed by  High Desert Frameworks and then auctioned.  The framing really is amazing and makes the postcards worthy of hanging up.

Yes, Life  is about change, challenges and adventure 
and so lets journey together.

My Boys


  1. I feel your pain dear Anna. I will miss seeing pictures of that sweet little boy!! You will have to go over the mountain a lot to keep us up to date with his growth. I feel like his Aunt Judy!! Keep busy and maybe buy a helicopter. Hugs.

  2. I am so sorry for what you are going through; but completely understand. Our first 2 granddaughters grew up 5 hrs from us; and I missed out on alot. Our job is to be happy that our children are happy in life and love them as much as we can. Skype and Facetime are such a gift to long distance families nowadays!! You are most definitely using your time constructively....lots of good things in those plans. I have never had a massage or a facial. Loving the cross stitch. Do you frame with or without the glass? I couldn't tell from the picture. I remember when my granddaughter's blanket was left here after a visit...I would smell it every time I was missing her LOL.

  3. That's a great cross stitch finish and so perfect for the "Beehive". I agree that we want the best for our children and grandchildren but it can be difficult to see them growing up and moving on with their lives without us 😊

  4. I know there is a saying about, "setting them free". I think it says something about loving them too. Well it's easy to love them...but letting them go is something else. Prayers for all.

  5. I wondered about my parents when all three of moved out of state in a year. It hit home when I married John and moved back to OR, leaving my married kids in ID. The oldest soon moved to AK with our tiny granddaughters. That was a long two years. I sent them books with recordings of me reading the book aloud so they would know my voice. A precious memory is of Laura calling me at age three. She told her Mom that she needed to talk with me as soon as they got home. (She needed a new tutu with butterfly wings.). Our mobility and technology keeps us together despite the miles.

  6. When I my son moved to Hawaii it was hard! Now that they are in Salem, I feel better knowing I can drive to see them.
    What 1/2 marathon did you sign up for?

  7. Hi Anna! We are enjoying catching up on your Quilt Roadies YouTube show. My husband has restored an old Shasta trailer and we are looking forward to visiting some of the quilt shops you have featured. We will be in Sisters Or over Memorial Day weekend as I was lucky enough to get into the Jen Kingwell class at the Stitching Post! We’re coming from Arizona and I hope to see you in class or at least walking around town!

  8. Your bee sampler is lovely, I keep meaning to ask who is the designer?

    Your postcard is wonderful! I'm sure it will be framed in another lovely presentation.

    Think of Silas being close to his uncle and cousins and you get to see them all when you go down to Portland. That's a great picture of your four boys, I'm guessing that's what the hearts on the branch represent with you being the Queen Bee and G being the branch linking you all together.

    Bee happy.!

  9. I'm an only child and moved from Argentina to Spain, where I still live.
    Now, one of my kids lives in Sweden, the other boy in the Netherlands.
    Such is life...

  10. Glad to hear from you, but feeling for you too. It is hard to have our kids leave the nest, but it all works out. We miss out on things, but they have lots to tell you. Love your cross-stitch piece and card. You do such great work.

  11. Having grandchildren living close by is a gift and rare these days. I was lucky enough to have several of mine living nearby when they were younger but 2 moved to Utah. Now it's only twice a year...sad, but reality. Good thing you have that place in Portland!

  12. We had both our girls (and families) on the east coast for 4 wonderful years (us in NH, one in VT and one in DC), then they both took off, one to Texas (w new baby) and one to Indonesia (with 4yr old and 18 month) for 3 yr tour at embassy- double whammy. Skype does help, but after 6 months of no gramma hugs for my 2 across the seas, it gets less satisfying for sure! 8 more months to go until we all rendezvous in Hawaii- can't wait!!!