Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thursday Thoughts

I don't know about you but I am floored that today is March 1st!!!  We are still dreaming of taking the Quilt Roadies on the road but as with so many things these days...everything seems to take much longer, including getting all of the doctor visits done...grrrr.  G is hanging in there and surprisingly patient these days when it comes to visiting the doctor, LOL  So, we are taking advantage of being home...more time in the Bee Hive and more grandson time!!!!

I am still on track for making at least one Christmas present a month for the #BeeHiveChristmasChallenge and I decided to give a zipper a try...OMG...I'll keep you posted, LOL.  I maybe have to do a Bee Hive video of this attempt.  Found this cute fabric at Material Girl Fabrics in Redmond, Oregon

I fired up the Sweet 16 and quilted the baby quilt I made for my nephew and his wife.  They are expecting the first girl in our immediate family. So, both my sister and I are over the moon!  It was so fun to quilt and I did some writing with the quilting!

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Love hearing from you Anna. Hopefully G will get the good to go diagnosis soon. But in the meantime, more baby hugs. The quilt is lovely.

  2. Great smiling faces on your two boys. I hope G is back up to 100% soon and you get on the road again....isn't that a Willie Nelson song?

    March rolled in like a lion her with wind cold and rain yesterday but getting some sunny breaks today.

    Love your baby quilt you've done a lovely job on it.

  3. Your grandson is so adorable, love those cheeks. That quilt is so adorable, love the prints.


  4. I'm praying for G and hope he is A-ok soon. Know that grandson brings you two a lot of joy. Thanks Anna for all your sharing.....brightens my day......and makes me a little You are the best!!!!

  5. My goodness that little grandson of yours is a gorgeous mini Anna.
    Hope everything goes well on the medical front, we are looking forward to seeing the Quilt Roadies back on the road soon. Xx

  6. Love following your blog & videos! Hope everything goes well for G & you are out on the road soon. Yes I too agree your adorable grandson is a mini you!!

  7. An avid follower of your blog....oh my goodness, the grandson looks just like adorable.

  8. My husband and I follow your posts (we are quilters and campers) and when I showed him this picture, he immediately responded “Oh my gosh, it looks just like her,”. What a cutie. Don’t you love grandchildren.