Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Chit Chat Tuesday

Although both G and I were grieving about not being able to head out when we wanted to...there is definitely an upside to this disruption.  We got a whole lot more family time which is a blessing...and, there has been more girlfriend time.  Also, I have to admit the time in the Bee Hive has ramped up the stitching activity, LOL  

Also, the Bee Hive time has not been an organized peaceful process...I have been just like a ADD quilter running from one project box to another...but it sure has been fun.

G and I decided to rearrange our lives a little and have dismantled one guest room and turned it into a music room for him.  I am soooo excited for him to have a creative space.  I get so much inspiration whenever I head into the Bee Hive and I so want that for him.

I spent part of yesterday with a girlfriend and she was all ready for Easter!  which happens to be few days away...and how funny that Easter lands on April Fools day, LOL  Isn't her table centerpiece adorable!

I also finished another book.  I did enjoy the read but what I can tell you is...it is not a stand alone book.  You really have to start with the first book in this series, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and read your way to this final book in the series.  Otherwise you will be lost in all the interweaving relationships.

Well, that is it for today...be safe and be stitching!


  1. I love that table topper, the ornament in the centre looks like it's a vintage one.

    Sounds like you and G have been busy in your home updating and creating things!

    I enjoyed that book and found his style to compliment Stieglitz Larrson's style nicely. Looking forward to where he goes next with it.

  2. Hi Anna, we've also had to put our plans on hold this year as my husband is scheduled for not just one operation but possibly three! However, it does mean that I'm filling in time in the craft room and the garden, weather permitting. The Easter table topper is indeed lovely. I listen to audio books while I'm busying about and coincidentally I've just finished The Girl Who Played With Fire having previously listened to The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - wrong order too. They make grim but compulsive reading. Your book is on my wish list.

  3. Sorry to hear you couldn't travel south. I must have missed why. How fun for Greg to have a music room.

  4. Sometimes being home is okay too. Just think of how many projects you'll have prepped and ready to go! It's great that G will have a creative space too. I bet he loves it.
    I love the bunny table topper. Sew cute!

  5. Anna, glad to hear that Greg will have a music room. Everybody should have their little piece of Heaven. I am trying to organize my sewing room, but then I will find something I haven't seen in a long time, and I get distracted looking at that. Before I know it, my time is gone for the day. I used to be so organized when I worked, (RN), but now that I am retired I just want to goof off! Ha!Ha! Too many years of getting up at 5am, I guess. Love the table topper-so cute! Pam in Alabama

  6. Enjoyed your message today. Sorry you can't travel right now. The table topper and display is really nice. I was going to put a display on my kitchen table with a little sweet stuff. All my kids and grandkids ate the candy before I could get it my display. All I have left is my rabbit I bought. Hope you have a great Easter and happy stitching!!!!

  7. I love the bunny table top. Do you know where she found the pattern? I really like your blog and have been following you for a few years. There is always something interesting to see or learn.