Thursday, March 15, 2018

Blank Slate...

Life is about change and flexibility and so we are "all in" for whatever the future holds.  I have to admit I am bummed we are not making our trip I had so many fun times lined up.  But, that doesn't mean we won't get there, just not this Spring.  As we readjust our schedule we are stitching a new blank slate!

A blank slate, much like one of Sue Spargo's layered back grounds.  It is wide open with potential and I know will be filled with excitement!  A layer upon layer until a new adventure starts showing up!  I have been in prep mode and G has been working on the trailer because no matter what the possibility...we will be ready!

...And really...home is not a place where we suffer...
we are blessed in so many ways.  So stay tuned...
we are dreaming!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you aren't heading out soon but I know you'll have some great adventures close to home. Hope you and G are strong and heathy soon for your next adventures.

    Love that blank slate you are working on!

  2. I will miss your new adventures too but you never know what hidden treasure you might find close to home. One year we were visiting my hubby's home state of Texas and I mapped out a route taking us to several quilt shops. I thought he might get bored but he enjoyed it because he got to see parts of the state he'd never been to.
    I hope you and G are back on the road soon and back in the best of health!

  3. More awesome adventures are awaiting in the future!

  4. we are trying to find places, and times, to go out in the TT too....will be so much easier after next summer! What with our big trip in October I didnt even try for other vacation tim (because I didnt want to jeopardize that time since the trip is already paid for) so will have to hope for some short week day trips for now...

  5. I'm sorry....remember When God closes one door; he opens another. Will be waiting for your new adventure to share and in the meantime..."Happy Stitching" !!

  6. Anna - Short jaunts in your beautiful state will refresh the soul and warm the heart. I hear that Spring buds are in full bloom in Albany.