Thursday, February 22, 2018


No I am not in a battle yelling retreat...well,  maybe I am.  Today begins the Fabric Stalkers Winter Retreat and I am going to make headway on some languishing projects!  This Winter retreat is just down the road from home so if I need to head home I can...or, if I forgot some important piece of fabric.

My priority is to get my Sylvia Pippen BOM started and on the path to completion!!  I love Sashiko and I love the combination of the 2 was a no brainer for me!

There is something so relaxing about Sashiko...maybe it is the single thread or the softness of Egyptian cotton thread...whatever it is I love it!  And since I have a pile of things to prep and stitch I had better get cracking!  Send me good stitching vibes for a successful retreat!

And, have a great weekend!


  1. Have fun at the retreat! I didn't realize you were doing that one of Sylvia's designs! I love those pink tulips. The wools are so lovely.

    Enjoy the time away, nice to be that close to home if. Ended!

  2. I am considering trying Sashiko. I've done plenty of other hand needlework in the past but I love the cleanness of the lines in Sashiko. I'm anxious to see your completed project, Anna!

  3. Good stitching vibes being sent your way. I'm doing a small cross stitch on a mug rugs today. 😊😊😊

  4. I would like to try Sashiko. And you know I’m already hooked on wool. Can’t wait to see your completed project.

  5. That is going to be beautiful and I do love simple stitching.


  6. Your retreat sounds lovely! I can't wait to see your Sashiko completed. Wishing you lots of fun!

  7. I’ve watched a few of your videos this past weekend, I’m hooked. I bought a bolt of SF101 at JoAnns today. I had a 50% coupon. Yay!
    Hope you enjoyed your retreat. 🐝