Sunday, January 28, 2018

Panama Quilt Classes, Part One


  1. Hi Anna, Thanks for sharing, it looked like you had a lot of fun. Hopefully, I have been clever and managed to put in a link for you to listen to a radio program about a quilt that was made in 1820 from wool, right up your street. It was extremely interesting.
    I hope you do more tutorials soon and I look forward to seeing more videos from your trip. Hope G is well on the mend.
    Thanks again
    Ruth x

  2. Thanks for all the info about the Flatter product, that orange Hexie box is cute!

    Been to Greece twice and it is amazing, 6 weeks the first time and two the second. May need a third trip in the future.

    The river boat trip in 2019 sound interesting, will have to put it and Santa Fe on my bucket list.

  3. Great video! Such an inspiring way to start my day. I am a big Sue Spargo fan! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh Gosh! ANNA!! I have enjoyed watching these videos and hearing all about your trip! Also, its soo nice how you have videoed your time with Sue Spargo.. I felt like I was sitting right there enjoying the conversation with you! VERY NICE!! As for 3/16" hexies... OHMY!! I cant begin to imagine those tiny things!! Will you show us your sample in an upcoming video?! THANK YOU!!for taking us along on your adventures! <3

  5. Welcome home. Love seeing this video...really...all your videos are great. You may be a Sue Spargo stalker but I love to follow you on your trips or just being in the 'Bee Hive'. Hope you and G are feeling well and getting some needed rest. Look forward to your next video. Patty Mc