Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Chit Chat

Traveling opens the heart and mind on so many levels.  The  textures and colors of different countries make you dream about the future projects you might create.  Talking with a variety of people outside our own lives brings perspective to some of our assumptions.

One of the stitchers asked a tour guide what he thought about the Wall being proposed by Trump...his response, "we don't build walls, we build bridges."  Yes, it is good to travel, to look outside our own comfort zones.

There is no place like home but you appreciate it more when you look beyond your own life. 

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I am organizing and getting ready for a busy February.  G has a momentous birthday coming up and we are beginning to plan our next Quilt Roadie trip.  Which means lots of prepping.  A couple of girlfriends and I have signed up for a Mystery Quilt Class!  We used to take them all the time in the 90's and are looking forward to having a little fun together. I am getting my every 5 year colonoscopy...oh boy it that going to be fun.  And...by the way...I hate green jello!

My oldest grandson turned 6 years old yesterday!  
How time flies....

I spent the last 2 days just hanging out in the Bee Hive nourishing the introvert within...I find I need to do that every so often to re-energize.  I have been cross stitching, stitching on my Give Thanks, stitching Fresh Trees...working on my Cuppa blocks and cutting the fabrics for the Mystery Class I am taking tomorrow!  A little quiet time is productive time!

Wishing you a day which includes needle and thread!


  1. Love that tour guide's response. Your cute little grandson is the same age as my youngest granddaughter. I was only 2 yrs older than him when I got my first pair of glasses. Wishing you positive results from your test today. Off to finish stitching down the binding on a lap quilt so I can gift it this week.

  2. Another common link to you, I've several Aquarian friends and family members also! Good thing G's birthday is on a Friday so all can celebrate with no work the next day!

    Enjoy your mystery quilt class, can't wait to see the finished top. Stitching with friend or time stitching alone is a good thing for the soul!

  3. What a cute pic of your grandson. It is nice to have some downtime after an exciting trip just to unwind and be in the moment doing what you love.

  4. as Robert frost said, " good fences, make good neighbors". As trump said last evening, there is a wAy here for good people who want to work hard and wait and go on the slow bridge here. Like quilting, it's slow and takes time and if it were a skip n a jump, everyone would do it.

    Yes, travel is good and I'm blessed I've been exposed to much.