Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Glorious Days

The Monterey Bay fills my soul.  I grew up breathing ocean air and so, when I return there is a peace that settles into all the nooks and crannies of my heart.  I visited the cemetery where the parental units are together and I reflect on how blessed I am to have had such adventuresome parents.  Those who have been reading the blog for a while know that mom passed away while sailing in a race...at 81 years of age!  I come by all that I am from the gene pool, LOL

If in Pacific Grove I have to visit my dear friend Jeanne of Jeanne Mills Tours  I have such fond memories of traveling with her to France and still dream about another trip :)  She lives is one of those beautiful painted ladies in Pacific Grove.

She is a fabulous quilter/stitcher but is also a Quilt Art collector and so I was excited to see a new piece by Gwen Marston hanging! 

I always have to head up to the sewing room to check out her latest projects and I wasn't disappointed.  I love this Sashiko pattern by Sylvia Pippen and I think I actually have this one on my to do list???

Her latest project was a guild challenge and is inspired by Jane Sassaman...although Jeanne completed her project with needle turn applique techniques.

My visit with Jeanne was just what I needed
 to jump start my stitching
...now I can't wait to get home and 
head into the Bee Hive!!!
Wishing you a great Tuesday!


  1. We were married in Pacific Grove nearly 47 yrs ago! Always a wonderful treat to revisit the entire area....beautiful works you displayed today.

  2. I loved this post!!!! My husband and I were lucky enough to live in Monterey for two years. I took my first quilting class in a little shop in Pacific Grove and I loved to visit the yarn shop there as well!!!! Wonderful memories...especially the memory of the flying geese quilt I made my husband....
    We did go back for a vacation quite awhile ago...thank you for the wonderful memories!

  3. Monterey is my favorite place to visit. At this age I really enjoy the ocean :-)

    When I saw your last you tube I ordered the cordless Panasonic Iron you were using. It was delivered today and I can not wait to try it ! Thanks Anna!

  4. It is wonderful to be back and in a place that holds such wonderful memories for you. The quilts are beautiful, love the moon behind the owl, is that an appliqué or part of the print?


  5. I always find great peace and inspiration when I head down to the Monterey Bay area. How lucky you are to have a friend living in one of the painted ladies. I always admire them and the windswept trees running up the streets off the bay.

    I love that Sylvia Pippen design and wished I'd purchased one when we visited her last year.

    Welcome home!

  6. I didn't grow up by the ocean, but it renews me whenever I'm at the shore. I'd love to see the West Coast someday.

  7. I would love to see the ocean, but it is probably out of the question. I do get to see it when you travel. Thanks for this video.