Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Sweet Life

Yesterday I was able to take a stitch with a group of be home has it's own sweetness.  We are definitely experiencing some Fall weather...and no one is complaining because all the rain is going to tamp down the fires and bring fresh air back!  Enzo and I took an evening walk and the most interesting cloud formation were hanging out.

I finished the cross stitch I started on the road...this is one I bought when my youngest son was child and never started.  But, I knew someday there would be another prince in my life :) and sure enough my youngest son now has a son...and he is the prince of our family.  Now I just have to get it framed :)

Which means I am back to cross stitching the row of many trees.  I imagine that when Michael Angelo was painting the Sistine Chapel he was thinking the same thing I am...will this ever get done?!

I am reorganizing a bit and trying to decide what comes next :)  
hope you have fresh air and time to stitch!


  1. He is definitely a little prince and so lovely that you finished the for Silas so his dad gets to enjoy it also.

    Stitching with friends is great, we haven't had one all summer looking forward to our next one,

    We had a lovely sunset last night with soft navy blues and pinks and blue skies this morning. A great last few days of summer.

  2. Kinda fun to see the seasons changing and we are getting back to "stitchin weather"! Would love to see an update on your trees project! That is really coming along nicely!!

  3. That is one of the things I love about camping, it makes me appreciate home. Looks like you are enjoying some down time and time with friends.


  4. I love the frog!!! I've been watching to see the finished project. I love the look of your trees your working on too. Hugs,

  5. Such true comments on traveling and home. Each have their own special sweetness! Fortunately, stitching thrives in both!