Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Bit of This, A Bit of That...

What a challenging week...you can't help but worry and pray for all those who were in the path of the hurricanes...seems like one "oh no" moment after another.  Back home the fires still burn...I fear Mother Nature is giving us a hard learned lesson.  They have taken to wrapping the historic buildings to try and spare them from the fire.  Also remembering 9-11 :(  This week brought around another memory...6 years since we said good bye to mom...she would be amazed at our lives now!...we continue with her incredible spirit, bravery and love of the nomad life!  On a high note our oldest son had a birthday!  And it was a great time to reflect, not only on his life but ours...as we remembered being that age.  Yep, we are a strong, hardworking group...one foot in front of the other at whatever life throws you!

It was a good week to take a sewing break and bring out mom's Featherweight.  What a little workhorse especially for those 2 inch finished 9 patches!!

Although we are on the downhill side of this Quilt Roadie adventure and there is still more adventure ahead before we get home...I can't help but be excited because I already have a Silas day scheduled on the calendar next week!!!  Yes, I count my blessings each and every day!

Praying you will have a safe, dry, smoke free stitching day!
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